Measuring Stress Causes, Experiences & Outcomes Worldwide

April may be Stress Awareness Month, but 2020 could be considered Stress Awareness Year. Gallup finds that 2020 was officially the most stressful year in recent history, with a record-high 40% of adults worldwide saying they experienced a lot of stress the previous day. This five-percentage-point jump from 35% in 2019 represents nearly 190 million more people globally who experienced a lot of stress. The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated concerns about stress in a global context. And with a globally interconnected economy and the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely not the last threat...

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Gallup and Lightkeeper Group Announce New Partnership to Measure the Stress of the World

The World Stress Index aims to become the world’s most comprehensive study about stress. Gallup and the Lightkeeper Group’s new partnership will create the World Stress Index, which aims to measure the causes of stress around the world and identify coping mechanisms people use to manage stress on a daily basis. Download File Gallup and Lightkeeper Group Partnership Announcement and World Stress Index.pdf (110 KB)

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