GALLUP World Poll

The mission of the Gallup World Poll is to capture and communicate the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of people across the globe. It is a worldwide survey that covers about 140 countries each year, representing 95% of the world’s population.

The World Poll asks people’s opinion on their life, their future and their country. It gives populations across the world a voice through the rigorous scientific measure. By using face-to-face and telephone interviewing, Gallup ensures that people in remote areas, and of varied socio-economic backgrounds, have equal opportunity to be interviewed.

The data from the World Poll informs the work of researchers, policymakers and leaders. Its wide coverage and consistent methodology mean that countries all over the world can be compared to one another. Adding the questions from the World Stress Index to the Gallup World Poll will enable a robust global measure of stress.

Gallup and Lightkeeper will analyze the data from the World Stress Index, and provide an in-depth report on top-level findings and key insights.


Gallup monitors the attitudes and will of the world in 140 countries annually, representing over 95% of the world’s adult population.

Learn more about the Gallup World Poll, and its earlier Global Emotions studies.


WSI joins a growing group of purpose-driven initiatives powered by the Gallup World Poll


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